math 3

I do phone Buckingham palace once a day that call can be logged and that is better for me.

The cost of the royal signals I do not know the royal signals belong to the the Queen.

I have only paid for the calls to get the royal signals and the Product Birds eye view of the internet a product that already works.I do look at the Birds eye view of the internet and think of looking at planet earth and all its power this makes earth look bigger.One day may be one power of switch for the power of earth and that is a dream I always have.

The Birds eye view of the internet is all I have been wotking on from the age 18 to 40 and no more.

I spend a lot of time at the Airport and the Birds  eye view of the internet is part of my second life at the Airport.The Airport is a place that means a lot too because I had to meet the Queen and my Girlfriend and the little girl who was in the British Airways ad.There is a lot of my private time spent at the Airport and I did learn how to meet people that are nice to me but that day of meeting people that have no names are good friends of mine.The Airport side has taken up a lot of my time because the  Birds eye view of the internet goes inside my life at the Airport.

This is a good investment for the future.

I feel that known companies is the best idea for this website they will have the power to control the internet and for me to pass it on to them will make me feel better because they will have the skill to get this to work.I will have to look after this website and I do not mind even if I have to pay for advertising and work on this myself but a known companie could be better at the end.

The website is software on power and need to be on the internet all the time.It is full of fun for the kids and has skill for the older people.If you can understand the website you will have the know how in computers.

Birds eye view of the internet search engine if you go to product 460 million and use the search and put in banks it will give you a list of banks.But if you open the Birds eye view of the internet and put them both on your computer you will see the difference between the two.The birds eye view of the internet is audio put down on to the computer to show a birds eye view of the internet.When you listen to audio at the office can be better when the tone is set to the right level and this does make work at the office better.When people are at work and do work on computers people at work should use the birds eye view of the internet just to see how the birds eye view of the internet can be used as a product as a reference for there next link on the internet.

Anyone who can land and power and not be affected can only be good.So the point of the internet is in software that never stops.If you could take every link on the internet and count from day to day how many there are that would not be fun because all you would know  is a number but if we could use the Birds eye view of the internet software to make the computer like coming to a point in time where things just do not stop that would be fun .

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