idea 6

1)I know Tamara will never answer that phone.

2)I know Alexis has a lot of brains and did well in life.

3)Then there is me Billy  who can talk to a man like Alexis about this website.

4)There is 27 lines of data that make the Birds eye view of the internet.

5)Now I got (You have reached international 9 1 1 1 thank you 1)

6)Now when I got number 5 I had to phone Buckingham palace and when I talked to the QUEEN OF ENGLAND THE SOUND ON THE PHONE WAS WHITE AND THE SOUND OF MY VOICE WAS WHITE so this is number 5 and not only that when we said bye there was a sound on the phone it went like this **-_____________________________ in other words



-= Thank you

____________________________________=You have reached international 9 1 1

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