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Please when you log on click on computer code 1666 image then each page image and do that for all the web pages to follow the story


The audio that we said you can access will now be on a App called EMF You must now Download the App to listen to the EMF signals.THIS EMF App WILL BE FREE to download

Where can you find a Birds eye view of the internet Answer @ MSN

Our ET is the Birds eye view of the internet signature?

Like to work numbers you will find that this website is all about 4 is divisible by 3

EMF Electromagnetic Signals 

Who knows may be we will in the future be able to charge are phone or tablets or any items in our house through grss it might be a 20% chance that this will happen

This is Time travel you will need this click here the white stuff you see in space is time travel

The Birds eye view of the internet is 1 second into the future

This is the best way to get to Her Majesty The Queen Secret Phone at Level 10

If you fly around the world and depart at 00.00 hours you will arrive at 23.56 hours 4 minutes early

This membership will give you access to our birds eye view of the Internet government

GRSS  Gamma ray signature signals (You will find this on the App EMF )  the player that  detect beep with no motion sensor

The stock market can be out just by a point and if you read we explain how 10 and 11 are the same numbers. We are able to make 4 is divisible by 3  you will find this in the link birds eye view of the internet which will get you to the 4 dimension which is where time travel is you will find this in the computer code

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British Airways

Buckingham Palace

Coutts co

White House



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One hundred and eight million

One hundred and nine thousand

Eight hundred eighty nine pounds

This is what a blueprint of the markets look like 98 %


1 BUY   SELL      SELL      BUY        SELL  SELL        SELL   SELL   BUY     BUY

2 SELL  BUY       SELL      BUY        BUY*   SELL*      BUY   SELL  SELL   SELL

4 SELL  BUY        SELL      BUY        SELL   BUY        SELL   BUY   BUY    BUY

9 SELL  BUY        BUY       SELL       BUY     BUY*       BUY    BUY  SELL   SELL

6 SELL  BUY        BUY *     SELL      SELL* BUY*        SELL  BUY   BUY     BUY

2 BUY    SELL      BUY*      SELL      BUY    BUY*         BUY  BUY   BUY     BUY

2 BUY    SELL      BUY *     SELL*    BUY    SELL         BUY    SELL  SELL  SELL

2 BUY    SELL                      BUY                    BUY                       BUY           SELL

3 SELL  BUY                        BUY                    SELL*                    SELL          BUY

3 BUY    SELL                      BUY                    SELL*                    SELL          BUY

Check out  the lines below do you know what it is.






     124  62       3

            9     223   Total =66 Answer TX

Check  it out  below do you know what it is.

2453 4235   sell sell

5323 3532   buy sell

2343 3234   sell sell

4323 3432   buy buy

2345 3254   sell sell

4534 5443   buy buy

3422 4322   sell sell

2233 2233   sell sell  << Your 2 10 data sets can be found here

3344 3344   buy buy

4432 4423   buy buy

3243 2334   sell sell

4324 3442   buy buy  Total =48 Answer RX

Below makes it live

1 buy

2 buy

3 buy

4 sell

5 buy

6 buy

7 sell

8 sell

9 sell

10 buy